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Writing is my passion and I’ve decided to make this blog to share with you some of the stories about my city, country, tourism in general or just some of my opinions and thoughts about random things that happen in life. I’ve decided not to make a commercial blog – this is only something extra with my regular work in tourism, so I’m not interested in showing countless ads here. Just some short info about my services and that’s it. However, I’m not that complicated – I am always open to suggestions and collaborations with other people.

Sponsored posts

Never say never, but for now I don’t plan to have sponsored posts… However, if you have an interesting product or an idea that is just developing, it’s somehow related to the Croatian culture and history, you can contact me anytime and you can make a post about your passion for free.

Guest bloggers

If you’re a blogger and you have an interesting idea how to connect our blogs, contact me! I’m all for some blog-swapping…

Guest writers

If you’re not a blogger but you’ve written something related to traveling, Zagreb, Croatia or tourism and you would like to see it published here, contact me!

Hire me as a writer?

Do get in touch! Note however that I’m traveling or working as a guide during spring and summer months.

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