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Zagreb Summer Photo Tour

Join me in this post for a short photo tour in Zagreb, Croatian capital. Today I will show you the part of Zagreb called Gradec, through the lenses of Stanka Selendic, my friend and colleague, also a tour guide, and a great photographer as well. Summer in Zagreb in Stanka’s photos is mesmerizing…

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Bloody (Bridge) Mary

During my Zagreb city tours, when we’re passing through the street of Tkalčićeva, I sometimes hear my guests whispering “Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins…”, as we are approaching the statue in the middle of the street. Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not Mary Poppins… Continue reading Bloody (Bridge) Mary

Sava River – Zagreb and beyond

For this Friday, I’ve chosen a different landmark in Zagreb, one that is not so often included in the city’s “top things to see”. To be completely honest, even I rarely visit Sava during my city tours, especially when we are restrained by duration of the tour.

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A poet and a traveler

If you’re going to Zagreb this weekend, be sure to stop by Petar Preradović Square, popularly known as Flower Square. You’ll probably stop there anyway to grab a cup of coffee, but this Saturday you will find there something else – poetry. (Za ovaj članak na hrvatskom jeziku klikni ovdje! / For Croatian click here!)

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