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About me

My name is Dejan Rilak. I am a thirty-something years old tour guide from Zagreb, Croatia’s capital. Besides Croatian, I am fluent in English, French and Portuguese. I like cycling, but my secret passion has always been acting in small theater productions. I’m interested in arts, music, cinema and foreign languages and cultures. I’ve lived in my childhood all over Croatia and its neighboring countries, mainly at the seaside of Northern Adriatic, and sometimes my friends say I “got stuck” on the continent, but I like to combine “the best of all the worlds”: the amazing nature of the mountains, the sunny spots of the coast and the culture and never-stopping activity of the continental capital.

I have a degree in French and Portuguese Language and Literature from the University of Zagreb. I’m a licensed tour guide – tour leader in Croatia and abroad and local tour guide for the City of Zagreb and three Croatian counties (Zagreb, Krapina-Zagorje and Lika-Senj). My license issued by Croatian Ministry of Tourism can be seen here:


I provide Zagreb City tours for anybody who is interested in a walk through the streets of Croatia’s capital, filled with passion, history and destinies of its people. I work as a tour guide and leader for excursions around Zagreb and as a tour leader for various agencies on tours all around Croatia and abroad (mostly neighboring countries of Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina). I own a small company Rilaks. (This is a blog about Zagreb and Croatia; for more information about my services, you can check this page here, but also contact me directly for any business-related inquiries).

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In January 2018, I’ve started a blog. And yes, I gave myself a like on this very post while I was checking how WordPress works.

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