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About my country and city

If you’re reading my blog and you’re wondering – what is this country of Croatia, where is this Zagreb – here are just some general information. Reading is good, but I suggest you do something better than just reading about Croatia. Come and visit this beautiful country that is getting more and more popular with travelers all around the world.


General quick facts:
Name of the country: Croatia, Republic of Croatia
Local name: Hrvatska, Republika Hrvatska
Language: Croatian
Capital city: Zagreb
Area: 56,542 km2
Population: around 4,250,000
Main religions: Roman Catholic (cca 85 %), Orthodox (cca 4 %)
Currency: kuna (HRK)



I have lived in various Croatian regions, mainly closer to the seaside, but I found my happiness in the continental capital of Zagreb. I fell in love with the city so much that I eventually started working as a local tour guide in Zagreb. Slowly, I expanded my work and now I’m working as a tour leader all over Croatia.

Popular destinations in my country are Dubrovnik, Split, Opatija, Plitvice Lakes and many, many more… I will gradually make some articles about each and every one of them, but big part of the stories on this blog will be about Zagreb.

All of my articles about Zagreb can be found here. General info about the city:

  • approximately 800 000 people live in Zagreb; total metropolitan area: 1,1 million
  • the city has 17 districts
  • the color of the city is blue… trams are blue, buses are blue…
  • our football club is called Dinamo and its color is… blue…
  • Zagreb’s river is called Sava
  • Zagreb’s mountain is called Medvednica (the Bear Mountain)

The most popular event in Zagreb is Advent – Christmas market in December and early January. You can see on this photo Christmas trees in front of the famous church of the Upper Town, Saint Marko.

sv marko noc

One of the symbols of Zagreb is the Cathedral:


This is going to sound strange, but we have a very beautiful cemetery…


… and many more things that you will slowly find on this site.

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