Croatia in Their Words (1)

It’s the right time to travel to Croatia… by staying home and reading about your next vacation to this beautiful country. Let’s see some of the writers out there…

This is the first article of our April 2020 section “Wednesday Word”. Every Wednesday we present some of the travel writers and bloggers out there that have visited our beautiful country recently and decided to share their thoughts and experiences or writers that have explored some aspects of our history, culture or traditions…

This April 2020 all guided tours are cancelled, but Rilak’s Zagreb Guide is continuing online, with…

This week we’re in “Dubrovnik quarantine”, but first, let’s start with the photos…

1. No Juan Is An Island in Dubrovnik

This is a site with so many stunning photos, and the post about Dubrovnik is full of them. Check the original post with original photos here. In his post, of course, he mentions “Game of Thrones”, a series partially filmed in Dubrovnik and a reason why so many (especially younger) travelers visit Dubrovnik. Check this blog for Dubrovnik but also for so many beautiful photos from other sites as well…

20160826_125415This is not a beautiful photo. This is me on the famous throne. I just had to do it.

As I’ve mentioned in one of my earlier stories about the Croatian “game of chess” – of course, come to King’s Landing, but stay for Dubrovnik, the original, not only something that you saw on television. Create your own stories or find out more about rich history of this country. Like, for example…

2. Allison in Quarantine

“History Navigator” is a blog by a historian named Allison.

Did you know that quarantine originated in Dubrovnik? That’s some real-life “Game of Thrones” stuff. During the time of plagues, ports had to protect themselves and came to the idea of isolating their visitors for 30 days, to see if they would develop any disease. This started in Dubrovnik (Ragusa), sometime in the 14th century, and then spread all over the Mediterranean. Later, these 30 days were expanded to 40, giving birth to the word quarantine (from Italian word quaranta – 40). More about the origins of quarantine in Allison’s post.

dubrovnik portGetting closer to the old port of Dubrovnik. Last year, my photo.

3. Chocoviv’s Day In Croatia

As much as I loved Allison’s historical presentation, all this talk about quarantine is making me anxious so I prefer to find some more stunning photos of this city. In her post, Chocoviv also describes her visit to Dubrovnik, some “Game of Thrones” sites, with a bonus – her group also visited the magnificent waterfalls of the National park of Krka. Check her post here!


View of the Fort Lovrijenac (St Lawrence), Dubrovnik, last year, my photo.

Thank you to so many travel writers that have visited our country and written so many beautiful things. And of course, to all those that are presenting interesting historical and cultural facts. In these difficult times, it’s your writing that is helping us to “travel” safely, at our homes.


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