COVID-19 and Rilak’s Zagreb

It’s the right time to travel to Zagreb, Croatia and its neighboring countries! Under one condition, of course: that you stay home…

Current regulations of Croatian authorities have suspended a lot of out-door activities, including guided tours, up until April 20th. Here in Rilaks we have decided, in addition, to suspend all guided tours up until April 30th. New updates will be shared on this page…


What is not canceled is yours and ours health, eagerness to travel and explore some little known details about Zagreb, Croatia and other countries around the Adriatic sea or opinions about the current situation in the sector.

Because of that we are preparing four new sections on this page to be shared regularly this April 2020.

Zagreb Couch Guide: every Friday, from March 27th to May 1st 2020, sharing shorter articles about the rich history of our city, starting with a report about a unique situation in the city amid epidemic crisis and the recent earthquakes…

Monday Report: every Monday, from March 30th to April 27th, section for tourist workers… We will share our opinions and try to find solutions for this very unique situation of our sector worldwide…

Wednesday Word: every Wednesday, from April 1st to April 29th, sharing our appreciation of foreign authors, writers and bloggers that have visited destinations in Croatia…

Thursday Croatia Tour: every Thursday, from April 2nd to April 30th, a short article about some aspect of Croatian history, traditions or culture.

So… enjoy the read, stay safe, stay healthy and see you in Croatia… hmmm… eventually?

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