Zagreb Summer Photo Tour

Join me in this post for a short photo tour in Zagreb, Croatian capital. Today I will show you the part of Zagreb called Gradec, through the lenses of Stanka Selendic, my friend and colleague, also a tour guide, and a great photographer as well. Summer in Zagreb in Stanka’s photos is mesmerizing…

First, we have to come to Gradec somehow. Historically, it’s one of the two settlements built on a hill, from which Zagreb came to be. Unfortunately for us in these hot summer days, walking up the hill when it’s more than 35 Celsius degrees is quite a task. Fortunately however, we have a funicular that will take you to Gradec in a minute… Literally, in a minute. It’s actually, one of the shortest funicular in the world and first public transport in the city that started taking its passengers to Gradec (popularly called Upper Town) in 1890. You will find a lower station of Zagreb’s funicular in Tomiceva Street, close to the central square and Ilica, main street of the city center.


When you reach the Upper Town and go out from the funicular, the first thing you notice is the tower of Lotrscak, 13-century tower built for Gradec’s protection. Fair warning: if you’re passing by the tower around noon, prepare yourself! The city cannon is fired every day from that tower exactly at noon to give us the exact time…


Pass the tower and continue straight ahead, take Cirilometodska street and you will find yourself at Saint Mark Square, Croatian political center. You will find yourself in front of the Croatian parliament and the government, but you will soon forget that when you become mesmerized by the sight of Saint Mark’s Church, with a beautiful rooftop. Don’t let some stormy summer weather disturb your photo tour…

markov trg

And now for some little “cheating”. Remember how I said that Gradec is one of the two historical settlements of Zagreb. The other one is called Kaptol and in this short photo tour you’re not even required to go there. That doesn’t mean however that you can’t take photos of the Cathedral, one of Kaptol’s landmarks, by staying in Gradec. Just go back from Saint Mark’s Square, in the direction of the tower and you will find yourself at Saint Catherine’s Square, in front of the Church of Saint Catherine. Go behind the church and find yourself at a plato with an outstanding view from one hill to another. Be sure to prepare your camera…

katedrala panorama.jpg

Okay, that would be enough photos for a day… Time for a little refreshment. From the plato, go down the stairs and find yourself at the Strossmayer Promenade. There you will find a summer mood in Croatian continental capital. Even the statue of our poet Matos can’t resist a good drink…


These photos are just a glimpse of Zagreb during summer. Thank you, Stanka, for beautiful photos of our city… Join us on a city tour! To contact Stanka for more photos or even a custom made photo tour, just find her on Facebook and Instagram! Enjoy Zagreb, enjoy Croatia, enjoy summer!

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