8 selfies, 4 countries

So… I’m back! Yes, I know, I’ve wanted to make from this blog something different and not be one of “those” bloggers who publishes only his Instagram selfies, but there you have it… My tour guide job doesn’t leave me enough time to write a proper long article during my working months, so I’ve decided to share with you, this May, a couple of photos from my recent tour throughout Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro… With every selfie I’ll write a word or two about the place where the selfie was taken. Except for the first one, this is just me bragging that I’ve already been to the beach this year and it was wonderful. And not so cold. (Not so warm either, to be honest.)

1) Croatia – Dubrovnik, Lapad Bay


2) Croatia – Dubrovnik; city walls


3) Montenegro – Sveti Stefan; island city and a hotel resort


4) Bosnia and Herzegovina – Mostar – Old Bridge


5) Croatia – Split – Diocletian Palace (selfie with the Roman emperor)


6) Croatia – streets of Trogir


7) Croatia – Pula – in the amphitheater


8) Slovenia – Bled – the castle



And well… that’s it for this post! Make sure to check my previous posts if you’re searching for a longer read. Or even better, start packing right now and come to Croatia and our neighboring countries. See you!

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