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First of all, a little introduction to my email followers: Regular story comes on Friday but I have to write this post for my blogging community here. Most of you are tour guides, if I am correct, and you know that “customers are always right” (though, that can be argued). Well, here, my readers are my customers in a way… I received Versatile Blogger Award and in order to accept it I have to write this post.

In Croatia, blogging community is not so developed so I was very surprised when I received such a warm welcome from all over the world – that’s why I think my Croatian readers won’t mind this post because I have to thank my blogger friends… I was very surprised to have regular readers from USA, UK, Brazil, France, India, Australia…


A big thank-you goes to One Life, One World for nominating me. They are a couple from Manchester, UK; they enjoy reading my blog and writing about their travels and travel preparations. Go and check them out!

While I was writing this, I received another nomination, from Sarishboo, very interesting blog about the adventurous life of 25-year old Pakistani American girl. Go and check her out!

Thank you so much for this nomination! I really appreciate it!

The rules for accepting this award are simple:

  • Write 7 interesting facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15+ amazing bloggers for this award

So, not so sure if it’s interesting for everyone but here it goes:

  1. My mother tongue is Croatian. You probably already know that I speak English, French and Portuguese but I also understand Italian and Spanish. Maybe you’ll think that I am talented for languages but in fairness I think I’m talented for only these languages. In German, I can say “Guten tag! Ich bin Dejan.” and I can count from 1 to 9 (can’t remember 0 and 10 at this moment). When in Vienna, I can say “Wiener schnitzel bitte und bier” and that’s it. I’m probably writing it wrong. It’s pathetic how poor my German is.
  2. I can really say “My boss is the best person in the world” because I am my own boss. I worked as a freelancer in many sectors, sometimes related to tourism and languages, sometimes not, but I’ve decided to start my own small business and so far everything is going well.
  3. My favorite novel is “Master and Margarita” by Bulgakov, but…
  4. … I am a huge fan of British popular culture. Harry Potter, Doctor Who, James Bond, Graham Norton… On the other hand, “Mr Bean” is a very popular British show but I never really understood why.
  5. If you give me some eight minutes, I can name you (almost) every country in the world. There are always some borders changing, some countries that are not completely recognized, so that’s why I say almost. For example, South Sudan was recognized very recently so I forgot it the last time I did the counting. There’s usually around 195 of them.
  6. My name Dejan is pronounced Day-Un. Take day from Sunday and un from under. That’s the closest I can think of right now.
  7. I have two sisters and three brothers, all younger than me. Yes, things can get interesting sometimes.

(While thinking about nominations, I wanted to choose some that started recently like me, to promote them a little bit. Some are related to traveling, some not; some are even in foreign languages so I thought it would be good to promote them also a little bit. But I like reading so many of you – it was so hard to choose…)

My nominations are: (I like the title of this one, haha) (just change that photo like we discussed because some more readers will come to your site from my region, haha) (in Portuguese – he was actually my Portuguese teacher almost ten years ago so I just had to nominate him as my 16th – not because he was my teacher, but because he has a really interesting blog)

I love reading your blogs or going through your photos! Let’s keep up the good work!

All the best…

If some of you were wondering, like OneLifeOneWorld, what this nomination means: it means that you have won and you have to write a blog similar. Or like Sarishboo said “You either thank me or curse me!” So don’t blame me – blame OneLifeOneWorld ans Sarishboo, they nominated me! 🙂

Write 7 interesting facts about yourself and nominate 15+ amazing bloggers. Don’t forget to put my link in your post and thank me (or not, ahah!) Congratulations!

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