Just a simple message – thank you all!

This post will not be shared on my social media pages, but it will stay as my thank you note to the WordPress blogging community all around the world. I’ve been blogging for almost a month now and I can’t express with words how amazed I am by all of you. So many wonderful people here, so many inspiring stories…

Those of you who already read my posts know how I started. I came to open a simple static page for my job as a tour guide and tour leader where somebody can find my CV, something short about my company and maybe hire me as a guide or leader in Croatia. My niche were mostly tour agencies, but individuals also. I hated that idea.

I worked a lot in 2017, but I didn’t have a web-page, not even a Facebook page; I had only my phone number and my email and somehow I managed to have a lot of bookings and earn a decent income without having a big presence on the web.

But everybody around me told me that that’s impossible and I was just lucky and in order to succeed you need to at least be present somewhere, somehow. “OK”, I thought, “they’re probably right. I’ll do a Facebook page”. And I did. “But that’s not enough, you must have a web-page.”

slika rilaks.jpg

For some reason I didn’t listen and I had an idea to start a blog – that way, at the same time I’ll publish stories about my city and country and promote myself and my company. I thought, since people are here, let’s give them something to read. Some people, not so supportive, said “longer texts are thing of the past.” OK, I thought, “worst case scenario, nobody will read me, everybody’s now on Twitter and Instagram”, but I will write – something interesting, something long or short, something from the heart or facts about my city, country or tourist sector in general. I’ll be on Twitter and Instagram too, but my main focus must be writing.


I was so scared but somehow I thought it’s the right thing to do. Although English is not my first language, I work as a tour guide and my job forces me to use English, but also French and Portuguese, on a daily basis. But – I am a guide – I talk. I can talk for hours while we’re driving from Zagreb to see the National parks of Plitvice. Writing is another matter. Talking is something that happens in a moment, writing stays forever. And yes, it can be edited, deleted, but somehow to me it feels more “permanent”. Every sentence felt like I was giving a part of myself to the world.

And it turns out – it was the right thing to do. People actually read what I have to say! And some of them are even following me! Complete strangers! That was just incredible to imagine for me! And other blogs… I just have to say that I found so much love, happiness, sadness, all over the place. Each one of the bloggers is doing something amazing, passionate, beautiful!

You know what is the irony in all this? I opened Instagram and Twitter accounts, I started a blog and a Facebook page, only a month ago – and in the last 25 days I got so many bookings for  this summer. Do you know how many of these jobs I got from social media? Zero, nada, not a single one. Everybody contacted me through the same phone and the same email that I got from the start. Some of them even contacted me directly – in person. Good old “word of mouth”. This blog was not even needed, nothing was needed!

Dejan Rilak photo 2

It turns out, maybe blogging was not needed for me to get bookings, but it was needed for me personally. Completely unaware, I entered this beautiful world of words. And I thank everyone here for that! I’m not very sensitive but a month ago I was even slightly scared to write to other bloggers, thinking “why would he/she even read a message by a non-English-speaking-dude who just started publishing?” Believe in yourself people! I’m currently preparing a guest entry for a very popular blog… Write and enjoy!

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If you’re also a blogger on WordPress, a simple ‘Follow’ would do.

You can also find me on…

Instagram – rilaks.zagrebguide

Facebook page – Rilak’s Zagreb Guide

Twitter – rilaksZGguide







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